The carpet on the van is to serve 2 purposes, 1 to add a little bit more insulation to the van and 2, to make it a bit cozier inside. I bought some 4way stretch car fabric from good ol’ ebay, this stuff isn’t that cheap but you wouldn’t want to use anything else and the one I bought comes with the spray glue, you … Continue reading Carpeting

Sound Deadening

These vans aren’t built of much and what they are built of vibrates a lot, with that vibration comes noise and a lot of it. The idea is to stick something on the side if these sprawling panels to stop them vibrating so much. You can buy special sound deadening stuff for cars but Bitumen is (apparently) exactly the same stuff and a damn sight cheaper. … Continue reading Sound Deadening

Bed Bug

Taking on this epic journey required skills and cunning (within the confines of 1ltr), I thought a VW Polo Breadvan will do the trick; I know them inside out and there is enough room to lie down. This model was my first car, I remember painted it with all my friends down the pub and yelling along to Incubus. Then I got carried away with … Continue reading Bed Bug