The carpet on the van is to serve 2 purposes, 1 to add a little bit more insulation to the van and 2, to make it a bit cozier inside.

I bought some 4way stretch car fabric from good ol’ ebay, this stuff isn’t that cheap but you wouldn’t want to use anything else and the one I bought comes with the spray glue, you will need it all.  We’ve gone blue as it fits with the van, is pretty neutral when chilling in the van, and doesn’t stain too much.

Once you get the hang of this it’s actually pretty “fun” to do the bad part is it took me pretty much the whole van to get the hang of it. I am pleased with the outcome though, there are a couple of bits that could look better but on the whole, the inside looks good. My top tips would be

You’ll need more than you think – the first piece I did I cut with only an inch leeway on my loose measurements. It didn’t fit and I had to overstretch some bits which left me with creases in other places.

Glue in stages – Take your time, pull the carpet over where you’re going to glue and then spray with glue. Some bits of the van I glued in 10cm stages to ensure I got the results I wanted.

Creases are better than overlaps – When I did end up with more material than I wanted I initially cut the fabric and left a flap to deal with later. I later found out it was better to leave a tight crease and then come back and cut the excess off later, you’ll end up with a much neater join. I’m not sure this is totally necessary when you’re fully pro as you should probably be able to pull it into place with no excess.

Cut the seams generously – when cutting around the windows etc cut with some leeway, it’s better to tuck the remainder under seals or have to trim a bit more than not have enough, there’s a couple of places where it doesn’t quite reach up as I cut right into the corner.

Don’t compromise your seals – My engine is under my front seats and as such I such I have an access flap under each seat. When carpeting I carpeted all the way up to the edge as I thought it would look better but as I was thinking about it late one night I realised that should the carpet get wet it would seep up under the seal thus compromising it. This is also true of the doors so I decided not to carpet the doors at all. I went back and cut the carpet from underneath the seals and it doesn’t look any different.

The van now looks awesome and cozy inside, chuffed with the results.

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