Stripping the Bug

Although we’ve bought a minibus version of the Hijet it didn’t have any seats in the back. It still had the seat belts, door cards, and two front seats.

20180130_164327.jpgI want to redo this whole van so I’m taking everything out. I started by taking up the carpet on the floor pulls up well and revealed a good solid floor, the carpet also covered the seat flaps which lead to the engine which are also thankfully in good shape. The carpets themselves are in quite good condition and probably would be fine with a clean but we want to modernise a little so it’s getting changed. the seats come off with 4 bolts and the centre console that houses the handbrake and gear stick also came out with a few bolts.

The door cards are all good and include most of the clips so they just pull off, they’re in pretty good condition but I’m gonna change them anyway to update the look of the bug a bit. the seatbelts housed behind are also all good but we have no need for them so they come out with two bolts.


The one headache I had with the van was on the ceiling. Firstly the second sunroof was leaking a little from one corner so I wanted to take it off to repair. Sadly the screws holding in the cover and the sunroof itself had rusted solid so I had to cut them out.  Then it was carpeted with 10mm of foam underneath, as I went to pull it off the foam stayed on the ceiling causing me a few hours of upside down scrapping to get it off as much as I could. I cleaned u

p the sunroof and glued it back in with gorilla glue, this is a bit unsightly but it’s on the roof and it doesn’t leak anymore so I’m happy.

The sills on the windows don’t quite fit so I’ll replace those to stop any further leaks. There was also an ominous leak in the front of the van which took me ages to find, there’s a panel right in the middle that releases from inside the van and doesn’t seem to have much purpose, a seal had gone allowing an alarming amount of water in so I’ve added a rather silly looking seal to the outside of the van which I’m hoping will do the trick.


When taking the panels from the back of the van over the wheel arches I saw some rust and had a little poke with my finger, it went straight through and upon further inspection, they’re both in a pretty bad way but I’ll go into that in the next post.

Now it’s all completely empty it’s ready for a deep clean, then I can crack on and get converting.


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