Bed Bug

Polo breadvanTaking on this epic journey required skills and cunning (within the confines of 1ltr), I thought a VW Polo Breadvan will do the trick; I know them inside out and there is enough room to lie down. This model was my first car, I remember painted it with all my friends down the pub and yelling along to Incubus. Then I got carried away with the sleeping in the back idea and remembered my dad’s old 988cc Bedford Rascal.

I saw the Daihatsu Hijet on ebay and all the memories came back. I had to bid for the Hijet. I couldn’t reach Winnie and the bids were coming in fast. I decided to go for it and ask later. Dave from Kent sold us the Van for around £400, it has been used as a grubby run around/storage/rustpile. No way was it going to pass the MOT. Warning: eBaying on nostalgia costs money.

I hoped for the best and dropped it straight into the local mechanics. They gave me a shopping list: speedo cable, front nearside suspension, boot latch, a coolant hose. Welding also needed to be done (…in Kazakstan). I went on ebay again for the parts, another 400 smackers and we had a road legal van.

Now that we have the van, my mind went into overdrive. I love practical hands-on projects and needed to focus myself. Looking on Pinterest, Google, Instagram, I was blown away by the numerous conversions documented by happy campers. Feeling confident, the current plan is to:

  • Strip it out
  • Sound Deadening
  • Insulate
  • Electrics
  • Night Heater
  • Upholstery
  • Bed and Storage
  • Roof Rack

My core inspiration is this van (below); this guy is unbelievable. I hope to model the bedbug largely on this and will be documenting the transformation over the next few months.

Inspiration Van

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