The Journey Begins

Front on away from building

So this is it, we’ve paid our entrance fee, ebayed a van, and started to plan our route. We’re off to Ulan-Ude as part of the Mongol Rally to raise awareness and money for worthy causes. We will be challenging our know-how and wit; testing our sense of humour whilst spending 1440hours together in a 1lr van.

We’re both seasoned backpackers so well used to living light, but neither of us has ever travelled this distance without getting into an aeroplane; let alone in a van hideously unfit for purpose. (Sorry whoever sold us the van).

We’re Thom and Winnie and we make up team “Khane Diem” in the Mongol Rally, taking the southern route over the Caspian Sea.

Getting to the start line is a huge journey in itself and we will be documenting our journey here from doing up the van to life on the road.

We also have a Facebook and Instagram

Babago Aeroplane


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